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You may use Attachment to Notice of Hearing Proof of Service by Mail form DE-120 MA /GC-020 MA for this purpose. Page 1 of 2 Form Adopted for Mandatory Use Judicial Council of California DE-120 Rev. July 1 2005 Probate Decedents Estates Probate Code 851 1211 1215 1216 1230 17100 www.courtinfo.ca.gov CLERK S CERTIFICATE OF POSTING 1. DE-120 ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY Name State Bar number and address TELEPHONE NO. FOR COURT USE ONLY To keep other people from seeing what you entered on...
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Music as Keith Davidson from Albertson and Davidson in this video I'm going to walk you through how to prepare a notice of hearing so if you have a case in probate court a trust case a will case almost every single case is going to require a notice of hearing once the court sets a hearing date so let's go through what a notice of hearing looks like and how you can fill one in so the first thing I do is I actually just go to Google and I just type in Judicial Council forms and the California Judicial Council actually has a whole bunch of forms that you can use in a lot of different types of lawsuits so we're gonna select the category and we're gonna go down here to probate and decedent's estates and this is where you're gonna find all the forms for not just states like probates but also for trust matters and we'll go ahead and see the forms now I already know that we won't form de 120 but if I didn't know that you could search for a form by name or by number but I know what form we want its form de 120 and here it is in a enlarged format and what this is is this is a form that you use a document that you actually fill out and then mail out to all the related parties in your lawsuit in order to notify them of when a court hearing has been set by the court and the person who files a document with the court is the person who's responsible for notifying everybody else about the court hearing that was assigned by the court so we start off at the top and we're just going to type in our name if you were doing this and you're representing yourself you would just put your own name in here but I'm gonna use mine and then I'm gonna put in my law firm information so if you're a lawyer you'll do that if you're not then you'll just put in your own address and then I'm gonna use the address that I'm at a lot of the time salk Avenue in Carlsbad we have five different offices in California I spend a lot of my time in San Diego County and then you want to make sure you include your telephone number you want the court and the other parties to be able to get a hold of you if they need to do so fax number if you have one you can put in a fax it's optional email is also optional but you really should put one in because there's times when the court might want to get a hold of you and they will use email from time to time and then you're gonna put here who you're the attorney for now if you're not an attorney and you're just appearing on your own behalf you can put oops my typing skills Pro that just means you're representing yourself the other thing you could do is just put in your own name so my name is Keith Davidson and I'm attorney for Keith Davidson everybody will understand what that means but I'm an attorney so I'm gonna put in the name of my client Bob Smith and then you're gonna put in the county so let's put in Los Angeles County...